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Winging is the new kid on the block and has become increasingly popular over the last 18 months. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Winging can initially be taught without a foil. It's simple equipment with no lines or harnesses and just one wing means you can cover a very large wind range and ride in places which would usually be inaccessible such as small lakes. Learn to wing with us today and discover why it's one of the fastest growing watersports.

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Price: £80 per person

Duration: 1-2 Hours

Minimum age: 12

Capacity: 4 people

This is your go to introduction to Wing Foiling. Taught on a SUP before the foil you'll expect to complete the following steps;

1. Introduction to the equipment and environment.

2. Flying ashore: Wing handling, moving with the wing, turning and power control.

3. Part 1 on the water: Self rescue techniques, winging across the wind (kneeling & Standing), basic steering.

4. Part 2 on the water: Steering & heading upwind, increasing speed, developing tacks & gybes.

Check out our booking system to see what availability we have, however if you're unable to find what you're looking for drop us an email and we will be happy to accomadate you.

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