The Beach is a one-of-a-kind purpose built eatery and activity venue. The concept was born out of three friends' love of time spent with friends: enjoying activities, food and drink on various beaches all over the world.


The Beach started life as a shelter. As a child, Jamie Hawkins used it to hide from the cold while he changed ready to face the elements on his windsurfer. When the opportunity arose to repurpose the shelter, Jamie knew it needed to be so much more than your standard beach cafe.  With the help of his partners James and Dave, The Beach Company was founded and they started to develop a unique venue that encapsulated all the experiences that make the beach so important to them.


With the help of our partners, The Beach @ Littlehampton is now proud to serve the local community. Not only a place serving great food, but also a great place for people to gather, share their passion and gain new hobbies with all year round activities.

To find out more about The Beach Company or coming to work with us click on the links below.