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Offering a complete service from beginner lessons to advanced tuition, we welcome all abilities and ages to become part of the kitesurf community. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic instructors will tailor your kitesurfing lessons around your personal skills and progression to ensure you're getting the most out of your lessons.


When registering please opt in to 'receive information from The Beach'. This will give you a weekly report on what the weather is doing and when to schedule in your lesson.  



2 Hour Private Lesson

Price: £140 Solo £180 with a friend

Duration: 2 Hours

Capacity: 1-2 People

Want that 1 on 1 time with an instructor? Want to progress quickly within the sport of kiting? Our private lessons will help develop many skills to enhance your riding abilities and get you out on the water joining us! From your first time flying a kite, to board starts, upwind riding, jumping and tricks, we've got all angles covered.

On the Beach


Price: £140 Solo £180 with a friend

Duration: 2 Hours

Capacity: 1-2 People

This is your entry in! Our Day 1 Kitesurf Course will include an introduction to beach flying, from there you'll get suited up and start your journey as a kitesurfer! Our day 1 course will cover the following;

- Site Assessment

- Setting up your kit

- Launch and landing your kite

- Flying an L.E.I Kite

- All the safety aspects of what comes with kitesurfing

- Body dragging



Price: £140 solo £180 with a friend

Duration: 2 Hours

Capacity: 1-2 People

Day 2 is the next step in your kiting career. In this session you'll cover;

- Water Relaunching

- Reviewing of the body drags

- Board starts and getting it on your feet

- First runs

- Progressing into deeper waters

- Deep water pack down

PLEASE make sure you have either done our Day 1 Course or you have covered the Day 1 course elsewhere. We recommend dropping us a email beforehand if you are unsure or doing Day 1 again if its been some time since your previous lesson.



£TBC Dependent on clinic

The great thing about kitesurfing is there’s always so much room for development. Once you master the basics you can start to learn tricks, jumps, foiling, riding a surfboard… the list is endless! On good forecasts we’ll be offering advanced clinics throughout the year that will take you to the next level. If there’s a clinic you’d like to see, then please let the team know and we’d be happy to offer it!

Equipment repair services

We are proud to work alongside Sore Kites, acting as a pick up and drop of point for the UK's top kit repair company. For any repairs we can't recommend Chris and the team enough check out his website for testimonials and more info.

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