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Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. It is a person's experience of their life and life circumstances. We believe this can be maximised not just through water sports but through various forms of physical activation. We offer a range of opportunities for all ages and abilities to get involved with.

When registering please opt in to 'receive information from The Beach'. This will give you a weekly report on what the weather is doing and when to schedule in your lesson. 




On the main booking page scroll to the bottom, instead of fitness select PURCHASE AN ACTIVITY PACKAGE. You will have 8 weeks to use your credit. If the class is cancelled due to wild Weather, your credit will be refunded. Package credit can be used for Pilates, Stretch, Yoga, dance fusion, Kick Pump and Beach Strength & Cardio circuits.

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We are kicking off the summer with a half day Pilates retreat at our very own Beach Café roof top terrace.

The morning will start by gently waking the body with a beautiful Sunrise Stretch, followed by a more challenging Barre class led by our very own professional dancer George.

After our invigorating Barre class we will break to refuel with a light breakfast, sip fresh coffee and enjoy the view. For our final class we will hit the water for a fun Paddleboard Pilates session where we will challenge your balance and spend some time on mindful breathing techniques encouraging a peaceful end to the session for both mind and body.

No paddleboard experience is required, (we promise) however getting wet is part of the fun!

The half day retreat will be a rejuvenating day, combing exercise, relaxation and beautiful scenery!

The cost is £65 and includes all the classes, breakfast, wetsuit and paddleboard hire


Dancing Salsa

SALSA - 4 WEEK COURSE - Limited Edition- Price: £40 per person 

- WEDS - 8.30PM - 10.00PM

- Duration: 90 minutes 

- Runs fortnightly

- Minimum Age is 18 years old. 

The Beach transforms into the island of Cuba  Beginner or Salsa pro join us at The Beach to learn the basic elements of salsa!!!! This 4 week progressive course will look at those frenetic and whirling salsa moves, so grab your dancing shoes and join us for a term of exhilarating rhythms and steps. 



SUNRISE & SUNSET STRETCH- Price: £10 per person 

- TUESDAY 6.30am 

- WEDNESDAY 6.30pm (Starting in May)

- THURSDAY 6.15am

- Duration: 45 minutes

- Minimum Age is 18 years old. 

Run by our very own Pilates instructor, Kat will guide you through the perfect way to start or end your day. Each stretch session will aim to ease achey muscles and prevent injury. The class is a fabulous stretch held on our beautiful roof top incorporating some gentle core and strength exercises.

PILATES -  Price £10 per person

- TUESDAY 9.30am

- THURSDAY 09.30am - (Starting May)

- Duration: 45 minutes

- Minimum Age is 18 years old.


A matwork class for all abilities promoting core strength, flexibility, mobility and posture. A class that will leave you feeling taller and stronger.


DANCE FUSION - Price £10 per person (Starting in May)


- Duration: 45 minutes

- Minimum Age is 18 years old.

Join us for a Wednesday night out. The dance fusion class is a mixture of everything dance. George fuses Street Dance styles with Contemporary Dance in this fun, aerobic, strength based energetic class. No dance experience required.



YOGA FLOW - Price £10 per person (Starting in May)


- Duration: 45 minutes

- Minimum Age is 18 years old.

Let's move! Join Jo every Wednesday as we strive to connect  heart and body with our unique yoga practice. This 45-minute dynamic class will help increase your strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing while encouraging a sense of curiosity within the body. Tap into your breath, observe your range of motion, and join a delightful combination of poses to unlock more energy.


Sunset Yoga

PADDLEBOARD FIT - Price: £15 with your own board (May)

                               - Price: £25 with board hire 

- SUNDAY 8.00am

- Duration: 1 hr

- Minimum Age is 18 years old.

Fancy burning as many calories as running, with less impact on the joints! After taking a beginner lesson, try out our Paddle Fit class and learn advanced stroke techniques, interval training, race workouts!

The possibilities are endless, sit ups, press ups and planks on a paddleboard are great ways to test and improve balance, core strength and endurance all while having fun on the water with a great bunch of people.


SUP Yoga Class
SUP Yoga and Clouds

PADDLEBOARD PILATES - Price: £15 with your own board 

                                       - Price: £25 with board hire 

- Duration: 1 Hour

- Minimum Age is 18 years old. 

- Sunday 9.30am

Pilates on the Ocean. Simple Pilates exercises take on a whole new challenge with the movement of the Paddleboard on water. A fun class that you need no Paddleboard experience for.... just be prepared to get wet.

To book -  Click Fitness - Paddleboard Pilates

Beach Exerciser


- Duration: 1 Hour

- Minimum Age is 18 years old. 

- Monday 6.30am 

This fat burning workout takes you through a variety of cardio and strength training exercises to maximise your calorie burn, build muscle and improve endurance.


Private lessons are a great way to excel and learn quickly in the sport. From a complete beginner to an advanced level, our team can cater a session to meet your every needs! whether its one on one or you want the family to have some fun

For private lessons please enquire by sending an email


Fitness Timetable


6.30 am - Beach Strength and Cardio Circuits - with George



6.30 am - Sunrise Stretch - with Kat

9.30 am - Pilates - with Kat



9.30 am- Yoga Flow - with Jo

6.30 pm - Sunset Stretch - with Kat 

7.30pm - Dance Fusion -  with George 

8.30pm - Salsa - with George



6.15 am Sunrise Stretch - with Kat

09.30am Pilates - with Kat 



09.30am Zumba - with Marika



8.00 am Paddleboard Fit - with Kat

9.30am Paddleboard Pilates - with Kat 

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